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It's been a little while since we have updated everyone on what's new in the store, so why not do that now?

For all you Tennis Players, we heard you loud and clear and we are now carrying Tennis Shoes from New Balance. To start this new venture we will be carrying just one shoe for Men's and one shoe for Women's. If we see the need to carry more options in the future, we will venture into that, but for now, we will just have those in store. Like our running shoes, if we need to order a different option or color, we will always do our best to get those shoes for you. 

Are you a fan of sunglasses? Maybe you break them often or like most of us, just lose them? Well come check out Goodr Sunglasses. Ask anybody who has a pair and we promise you will get the same answer, "I LOVE MINE!". They are polarized, light weight, scratch resistant and slip resistant and for an added bonus, they look great! We have tons of color options and we try to constantly keep the colors as up to date as possible. As of today, we just received their NEW Spring Sunglasses. Oh and did we mention that they are only $25?!?! So come by and check them out and grab a pair for yourself!

Now for all you runners and walkers, if you haven't had the chance to stop by and try out our new shoes from ON Running, we highly recommend doing so! They are super unique in look and feel and so far they have been well received! They are super light weight, flexible and still great in cushion. We do carry THREE models from them: The Cloud- a light weight shoe that is really perfect for every day wear and for just being out and about. Also great for gym work. Model #2 is The CloudX- the perfect cross trainer. Great for the gym and good enough for some light running and speed work. Model #3 is The CloudFlow- the one we recommend for those looking to add some distance to their runs. We love this one for a running shoe and so far, so do others. But don't be confused, they are still great for walking as well. So come stop by and try a pair on for yourself!

Last but not certainly not least, we have some great new apparel from Tasc, Nike, and New Balance! Come get all your summer running apparel needs! Light weight breathable tops, extremely comfortable shorts. Plus we have some great skirts for all you women out there who love skirts. 

So needless to say, there is plenty of new gear in the store worth checking out! As always, feel free to stop by, check them out and maybe grab a cup of coffee while you're in! 

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